Maak van je badkamer een oase van rust

Make your bathroom an oasis of peace

I like my bathroom to be an oasis of peace. You start the day completely differently when you enter a tidy bathroom in the morning. In this blog I would like to share a number of practical tips to create your place of peace.

what do you really use?

Start by reducing the number of products in your bathroom. Take a thorough look through your closet and see what you really use. If you have products in your closet for a season and haven't used them yet, make someone else happy with them. Be sure to check the expiration date. Aloe vera de Mallorca products, for example, remain good for 12 months after opening. Only keep the products you really use. This not only makes it easier to clean up, but also makes your bathroom visually calmer.


storage baskets, storage baskets and more storage baskets

Baskets are great for grouping similar items. I use them for almost everything, from storing my many hair straighteners, skin care products, and cleaning products. This way, the space around your sink is immediately tidy and much easier to maintain.

wasted space in your bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, storage space is also logically limited. Have you thought about the back of your door yet? This is often an unused space. For example, hang hooks on it for your pajamas or bathrobes.

secret to a clean shower

The secret to a clean shower is not something as spectacular as you would expect. It is a very simple wiper. You know, one that you also use to clean the windows and have the discipline to go over the walls of the shower.

it only takes 5 minutes - quick clean up

Take a few minutes every day to look around your bathroom and put items back where they belong. A small daily effort can make a big difference in maintaining a tidy bathroom.

bring nature inside

Last but not least. Bring nature indoors. Plants in the bathroom create an instant feeling of tranquility.


In short, minimize and sort your bathroom items, optimize space, have the discipline to leave the bathroom clean every day after using it and last but not least, bring nature inside to create your oasis.

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