The Aloe vera products that we sell at Closer2nature lifestyle all come from the organic farm "Aloe vera de Mallorca".

This organic farm is located in Santa Margalida, northeastern Mallorca.

Top quality aloe vera products are made on the farm and it all starts in the field where the aloe vera plant is grown with care. Below you will learn more about the production process.

If you scroll further down, you can also see in the video how people work on the farm.

1.on the field

The plants are grown with care, first in the nursery and then planted out in the open ground. Once in the open ground, the leaves of the aloe vera plant are only harvested after they are at least 5 years old and have had 2000 hours of sunshine annually.

This is what ensures that all the valuable ingredients that the aloe vera plant contains can fully develop.

2. manual processing

The harvest is done entirely manually. After careful selection of the best leaves, the leaves are all washed by hand and the tips are removed. This manual process ensures that no unwanted elements end up in the products and guarantees the purity of the juice.

3.retention of active ingredients in the juice

Preserving the active ingredients is crucial for the quality of the juice. That is why the farm ensures that the greatest possible amount of active ingredients is retained during processing. During the processing process the temperature is kept low, never above 84° to ensure that the valuable substances are not lost. They also apply pasteurization at just over 80°C without using any preservatives. This way they can maintain the purity of the juice without unnecessary additives.

4. Quality in the aloe vera care products

The highest quality is not only strived for in the juice but also in the care products made from that juice. The farm resolutely chooses to completely avoid conventional preservatives that are often found in cosmetics. Instead, pentylene glycol is added to the aloe vera juice. This may sound very chemical, but it is actually a purely natural product based on sugar cane.

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You are welcome during opening hours between 10 am and 5 pm and on Saturdays between 10 am and 2 pm. Sunday

The farm is located in Santa Margalida, Crta Sta Margalida-Arta; km 3.4