voorwaarden affiliate programma van Closer2nature lifestyle

conditions affiliate program of Closer2nature lifestyle


  1. Approval and Commission:

    • Affiliate will be admitted to the program after approval.
    • Commission is calculated on the basis of the net sales price after deduction of discount, VAT and transport costs.
    • Commission is 8% of the net sales price.
  2. Tracking and Payout:

    • Affiliate tracking code remains valid for 30 days after clicking on the Affiliate link.
    • Payouts are processed once a quarter via PayPal.
    • Minimum amount for payout is 50 euros.
  3. Billing and Software Terms:

    • Invoices are automatically created by the affiliate software program we work with.
    • Affiliate also accepts the terms and conditions of the Goaffpro software program and its privacy policy.
  4. Sales of Closer2Nature Lifestyle Products:

    • With the Affiliate link, potential customers find their way to Closer2Nature Lifestyle products.
    • The Affiliate does not carry out any advertising activities or present the services of Closer2Nature Lifestyle.
    • There is no representative authority to enter into contractual obligations on behalf of Closer2Nature Lifestyle.
    • There is no mandate or agency agreement between the Affiliate and Closer2Nature Lifestyle.
  5. Compensation:

    • The Affiliate's compensation does not depend on the number of products sold or the duration of the customer relationship.
    • It is a fixed, one-time fee per customer who purchases a product via the Affiliate link within 30 days.
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