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anti aging facial maker

anti aging facial maker

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Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Mask with Oligo Hyaluron and Juveessence Algae Extract for the best anti-aging result!

By fermenting some of the ingredients via a new process, we achieve a skin-identical laminar structure in our mask. This makes it possible for this mask to transport the active ingredients contained in it significantly faster, deeper and more effectively to the deeper layers of the skin. This allows them to be transported more quickly to the exact places where they can develop their effectiveness as quickly and as effectively as possible.

During fermentation, special microorganisms produce a type of bio-cellulose within a few days, which corresponds to the body's own collagen matrix. Plant membrane lipids and hyaluron also form a lamellar structure between the fibers, which corresponds to the skin's own protective barrier. This allows above-average treatment results and anti-aging effects to be achieved. The natural protective skin barrier is strengthened and the skin looks firmer and more youthful.

No other cosmetic product is able to transport as much moisture and active ingredients into the skin as our Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Mask. Moisturizing factors and hyaluronic molecules reach deep skin layers via the bio-membrane mask and can develop their optimal effect there.

The benefits of our Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Mask at a glance:

Optimal tolerance

Due to its similarity to the skin and the absence of chemical additives (no preservatives), our anti-aging mask is optimally tolerated even by very sensitive skin.

Enhances immediate effect

A mask contains more highly concentrated active ingredients than any other cream, mask or ampoule.

By embedding the active ingredients in the fine structures of the mask, they reach the skin layers optimally and the skin is continuously supplied with a large amount of moisture.

Unique massage experience

The sliding properties of the Aloe Anti-Aging Mask make it possible to massage directly on the mask.

Refreshing and relaxing

Our Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Mask must work on the skin for approximately 20-30 minutes for optimal results. Thanks to the soft and cooling texture, you will experience a unique feeling of freshness and deep relaxation.

Active ingredients

Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice, Phospatidylcholine, Hyaluronic Acid, Juveessence Algae Extract

Does not contain water!

Free of

Emulsifiers, preservatives*, mineral oil, parabens, PEG, animal testing, nano-material and microplastic

(* according to the law)

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